Using Kaltura REACH Captioning

Kaltura REACH uses automated speech recognition (ASR) to recognize words spoken in your video and provide machine-based captions for your video. Kaltura REACH captions are typically 75-85% accurate and can improve over time as the program adapts to learn your voice. Kaltura REACH also provides an editor to revise and improve the accuracy of your video captions.

Click here to learn how to create and upload videos in Kaltura.

Adding Captions

Once your video has been created, add captioning by following these steps:

  1. Access the video to which you wish to add captioning.
  2. Click on Actions, then Caption & Enrich.

  3. If you have not requested captioning before, you will see the screen below. Scroll down to the Order Captions and Enrichment Services section.

  4. Select the Service "Machine." The Source Media Languages available are as shown below. The only Feature available is "Captions."

  5. Once you have made your Captions & Enrichment Services choices, click Submit. Your request will appear in Existing Requests. Click the toggle indicator to see the details. You will be notified by email when the captioning process has been completed.

  6. Review your captions for accuracy before releasing them for public access, editing them as needed.

NOTE: If a student is approved for the closed captioning accommodation, Student Accessibility Services will collaborate with faculty to provide the captioned content of professional services.

Editing Captions

  1. Click on Actions, then Edit.

  2. Click on Captions, then Edit Captions.

  3. Review each section for accuracy. To edit text, simply click in the box and edit. To add another section, click on the "plus" indicator.

  4. In addition to editing text, the following functions are available:
    1. Timestamps -  if there is ocverlapping time, the system highlights the overlapping time.
    2. Search and Replace Text - enter the search term, then the replacement term and click Replace.
    3. Add Speaker ID - Select rows and add the speaker ID in the Add Speaker to selected items.
    4. Auto Scroll Text - Check auto scroll to auto scroll the text when playing the media.
    5. Go back 5 seconds or Fast forward 5 seconds
    6. Revert Changes - reverts to the last saved changes.
  5. Click Save when you have finished your modifications.


For more information about editing captions in Kaltura REACH, visit

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