Using Gradescope

Gradescope is a grading tool that helps faculty keep track of assignments and allows for an easier, more efficient way to grade digitally.  

Useful Features:

  • Gradescope offers a scanning feature that allows you to scan your students’ work. 
  • Build rubrics inside of the program for an easier, more consistent grading technique. 
  • Send grades right to the students or export them into Blackboard Learn. 
  • Gradescope includes analytics of your tests and assignments to get a quick understanding of what topics your students are doing well in or struggling with.  
  • Students can submit their work within Gradescope, including PDFs, photos, and even code.  
  • For faculty who prefer Scantron for testing, Gradescope also offers digital bubble sheets. 

To learn more about any of these features, Gradescope offers detailed tutorials and tips on how to use the platform. 

Student Guides 

Instructions for accessing Gradescope, submitting assignments, viewing grades and submissions, and troubleshooting.

Instructor Guides 

Instructions for accessing Gradescope, linking courses, syncing the roster, creating and linking assignments, and grading


Leveraging Gradescope to create and grade bubble sheet assignments/tests 

Once the course has been created or linked, you can begin making bubble sheet tests. Navigate to your course’s dashboard and select ‘Create an Assignment’. 

On the following screen, select ‘Bubble Sheet’. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the template as that is the sheet that will be filled out by students. Download the .pdf file and save it on your computer, this will be needed for a future step. The template can be found underlined in red below, then select ‘Next’ when you are ready:  


Name your assignment, then select whether you will be the one uploading the bubble sheets for grading or if you would like for the students to submit their own. For student submissions, you can restrict due dates, time limit, group submission, and other options for your students to adhere to upon submitting. 


In the following page, select all bubbles that will be the answer for each corresponding question. Note that multiple answers can be chosen for a single question, and partial scoring is available as part of the default scoring across the sheet, as well as per-question, by clicking on the gear icon next to each question:  



Next, you will need to upload the template that you downloaded when you first selected ‘Create Assignment’, by clicking on ‘Select PDF Files’ and uploading the .pdf file where it was saved on your device. Click ‘Manage Submissions’ to continue. 


Ensure that all the students that will be taking the test appear according to the submissions. You may need to adjust names if GradeScope does not pick up on it. 

After you have reviewed and adjusted the names for each submission, click the ‘Grade Submission’ button. Here, you will see a listing of each of the questions to grade, as shown here: