Restore Files and Folders in a file share

File restores using Windows Volume Snapshots (VSS) can be performed directly from the Windows Explorer interface. Anyone with access to a particular folder will have access to this feature. This feature may not be available on all fileshares. If you're share/folder does not contain a backup, or a backup in the range you desire, submit a TD ticket for the File Restore.

How to Restore a backup from VSS: 

  1. Right click on the desired folder or file, wishing to be restored, and click on Properties. 
  2. The "Previous Versions" tab will hold a list of backups available. 
  3. Find the desired Date containing the desired backup
    1. Double Click the entry, or click "Open"
    2. A new Explorer window will appear. You can navigate this folder as you would a normal explorer window. 
    3. From this window, you can view the files as you would normally. Making changes to these "backup files" should not be done
    4. Once you've confirmed the files are to be restored, you can copy the files out of the VSS and paste the files to the desired location. 
      1. Note: Files in VSS are not limited to being restored to their original location. These files can be moved to other locations as well (Local Machine, Other folders, other shares, etc.)

The "Restore" button on the Previous Version tab, should only be used if you want to completely restore the target folder to backup selected. Once completed, you may be unable to reverse this change. 

If this process fails to provide "Previous versions" or the files desired are not available, feel free to submit a TD ticket. Please include which part of this process failed to serve your needs.

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