Canvas Adopters: Learning Management System Declaration Page

The LMS Declaration page is to declare upcoming courses for delivery in Canvas, which will generate the live course shell and update the roster with students registered in Banner. The application is now open for Spring 2022 declarations.

If you have content in a previous course in Blackboard that you would like moved into Canvas in its own "BB Migrated" development course shell, please follow the Course Content Migration instructions . (Then, you could copy that migrated content into into a live course if you wish)


  1. In FlashLine, on the left side navigation menu, select Faculty & Advisors.


  1. Near the top left of the page (just above the banner), click on the dropdown arrow to expand the Resources menu and select Faculty.


  1. Click on the link for FlashFAST for Faculty.


  1. Click on the link for Current Term LMS/Course Declaration Page.


  1. This screen will show your current-term courses.  Blackboard is the default, please leave the check in the box under the Blackboard column for any course(s) you will be delivering in Blackboard. (If you wish to deliver all of your courses in Blackboard, no action needs taken on this page.)
  2. Place the check in the box under the Canvas column for any course(s) you will be delivering in Canvas.
  3. Be sure to click Submit if any changes were made.

  1. You will receive an email confirming any courses that have been selected for delivery in Canvas.
  2. Please allow up to one week after confirmation to be assigned to the course in Canvas.
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