Canvas FAQs

Faculty & Staff Access to Canvas

All active Faculty and Staff should be able to access Canvas at  

Student Access to Canvas

All active students should be able to access Canvas at  

Please note that the course shells for Summer and Fall have already been generated in Blackboard for all courses, so it is possible the student will have access to a course in both LMSs (Learning Management Systems).  Students should reach out to their instructor directly if they are unsure if the course will be delivered in Canvas or Blackboard. 

Canvas Login

Users should be able to access Canvas at  with the same credentials (username and password) used to access FlashLine.  (Please do not use any other URLs such as as they will not work) 

Canvas Display Name Change

A user's display name in Canvas cannot be changed as Canvas obtains information from official university records.  Canvas will display a user's legal name, or, if the preferred name request process has been completed, it will display a user's preferred name.
Information on requesting a preferred name: 

Learning Management System Declaration (Selection)

The LMS Declaration page (FlashLine > FlashFAST for Faculty) enables instructors to declare upcoming courses for delivery in Canvas, which will generate the live course shell and update the roster with students registered in Banner.  Step by step instructions are available in this knowledge base article:

The application is now open for Spring 2022 declarations

Course Content Migration 

The Course Content Migration page (FlashLine > FlashFAST for Faculty) enables instructors to migrate Blackboard content to Canvas. Step by step instructions are available in this knowledge base article:   

This list will only show official Banner courses that are <2GB in Blackboard.  If an instructor needs assistance remediating a larger course prior to Canvas migration, or if they have a development (non-Banner) course that needs migrated, please request support

When the migration is complete, users will be notified by email with next steps for preparing the course in Canvas.

The migrated content will appear in a Canvas course shell, and the title of that course shell will begin with "BB-Migrated". These course shells should contain content only; students should not be added to the migrated course as they will appear in the official/live course sections.

If you have Development, Resource, Master or other non-Banner course shells containing content in Blackboard that you would like migrated into Canvas, please request Non-Banner Course Content Migration through this form.

Canvas Course Cross-Listing (Combine)

Multiple sections of the same course (within the same semester) may be combined into one primary course. Before requesting courses be cross-listed (combined) in Canvas, please be sure the courses have been selected for delivery in Canvas, as the LMS selection is what pushes the courses from Banner into Canvas. 

Courses need to be cross-listed (combined) prior to the start of the semester. Once the course has started and there is student activity (grades, submissions, discussion posts) the courses CANNOT be cross-listed (combined) or separated.

Read more about the Canvas Course Cross-Listing (Combine) process and access the request form. (Please allow 2-3 business days (M-F excluding holidays) for the request to be completed.)

Practice Course 

Each instructor has access to their own Canvas Practice Course. Consider this course to be a space to explore and apply lessons learned in trainings and workshops.  

If an instructor would like an additional practice course, or development shell (for the development of specific course materials) it can be requested via OCDE (Office of Continuing and Distance Education): or Educational Technology Support: (The form indicates Blackboard, but it is in the process of being updated.)

Kent State Online Template (KSOT)

Instructors have the ability to import the Kent State Online Template (KSOT) from Canvas Commons by following these steps:

For questions about the KSOT or assistance adapting course materials into it, request support via this form:

External Tools (LTIs) 

The current list of LTI's and Integrations available in Kent State University's instance of Canvas, including (external) support contact information for the vendors, is available on this sharepoint:

To request a new LTI or integration:

What Training and Assistance is Available? 

  • Online (live) Canvas training sessions, workshops, and drop-in Canvas Online Office Hours. 

  • 1:1 Help & Support. Individual consultations with our team of Instructional Design and Educational Technology staff. 

  • Updates on the transition, including which tools will be available in Canvas. 

  • Guides, Chat, and Phone Support are also available directly from within Canvas by clicking on the “?” Help icon on the left-hand navigation menu. 

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