Downloading GlobalProtect VPN For Personal Computers


GlobalProtect VPN is the new VPN client provided by the university. It can be downloaded on university-owned or personally-owned laptops/desktops by visiting the software catalog and searching “Global Protect”, and selecting "View Details":

For university owned computers click here.

Download Instructions

  1. Visit HERE
  2. Search for Palo VPN
  3. Click View Details
  4. Click link in step 1 of the instructions to go to the Palo portal
  5. Select download based on your operating system

  1. Click defaults through install process


First Time Connection

  1. Enter in the "Welcome to Global Protect: Please enter your portal address" prompt and click Connect

  1. Sign in with your full KSU Email Address

  1. Depending on the method of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) you set up you should be prompted to provide or approve:
    1. If you are having trouble with your default MFA method click here for instructions to sign in another way.
Push Notification via App Code Generated in App Text or Call
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