Faculty - Setting up In-Video Quizzes (IVQs) in Canvas


  1. Create a video quiz in your My Media in video.kent.edu. (Instructions here: How to Create a Kaltura Quiz

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to the course you would like to add the Kaltura Quiz to. 

  1. Go to the Assignments tab. 

  1. Add a new Assignment 

    NOTE: In order for quiz scores to pass to the Canvas gradebook, you must launch the quiz from the Assignments tab. If a quiz is launched from a Course Gallery, the quiz score will not pass to the gradebook. This also applies to the Quizzes tab in Canvas. Only quizzes launched from Assignments will pass grades. 
  2. Do not add any Kaltura content in the text-editor. Adding text or other attachments is fine. 

  3. Select submission type: “External Tool” 


NOTE: If you would like multiple attempts on a Kaltura Quiz set “Allowed Attempts” to Unlimited, and set the attempts on the Kaltura Quiz. This can be found under the “Scores” tab in the Kaltura Quiz editor (See How to Create a Kaltura Quiz for an overview of the Quiz Editor.) 

  1. Select the “Kaltura Video Quiz” option in the dropdown: 


  1. Select “Embed” on the video you wish to use as the quiz: 


  1. Save and Publish the Assignment. 

    Once students submit their answers to quizzes, grades will be updated immediately in the Gradebook.  
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