Where can I find information about the Mail Package Tracking System?

The purpose of this application is to provide accountability in the tracking of packages through the KSU Mail Department.  This software will provide package tracking from the time of delivery through pickup for on-campus deliveries.  The system comprises a cloud-based software application, on site bar code scanners, KSU ID readers, and signature pads.  In short: Packages enter through the Mail Services Department where they are scanned, then routed and delivered to a delivery point, then acknowledged and picked up by the end recipient.

Possible Problems and Steps to Resolution:
Cannot connect to SQBX Possible locked account - contact primary support
Bar Code Scanners not working Possible charging issue or hardware issue - contact support
Bar Code printer not working Possible hardware issue - contact support

Primary Support Steve Finley, sfinley7@kent.edu - 330-672-8703
Secondary Support Roger Miles, rmiles@kent.edu - 330-672-1041
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