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Calls placed from my desk phone do not show in my Jabber call history and vice versa.

Can I connect my telephone headset to my new Cisco phone?

Cisco Jabber Frequently Asked Questions

Configuring Operating System and Jabber Audio Settings

Enroll in Cisco Unity Voice Mail on your Cisco 7900 Series IP Phone

How can I manage voicemail messages that I want to save in my Outlook mailbox (Windows)?

How do I clear the stored cache in my Jabber client?

How do I configure Cisco Jabber for iPad?

How do I configure Jabber to automatically launch at startup?

How do I configure the Jabber automatic sign-in settings?

How do I create a custom status in Jabber?

How do I permanently delete a voicemail message from email?

How long are Voicemail messages stored?

How to make a call through Jabber

I am signed on to Jabber from more than one computer, but incoming messages only arrive at one computer.

I saved a voice message, but I cannot see it to play back in Jabber.

In Jabber, what does Presence mean?

Incorrect Phone Number Showing in Jabber Search Results

Installing Cisco Jabber for Mac

Installing Cisco Jabber for Windows

Jabber for Mac - Device not found message

Jabber for Mac does not display custom statuses from Jabber for Window users

Login to Cisco Jabber Client - OS X

Login to Cisco Jabber Client - Windows

Mac 10.7 (Lion) only - My contacts are all in my Mac Address Book, but they do not appear in my Jabber search results

Mac softphone - Unable to hear caller

Maintaining Custom Jabber Statuses

Unable to select "Dial With Cisco Jabber" in the options menu after highlighting a phone number in an application using a Mac

Unified Communications Quick Reference Guides

USB Headset Troubleshooting

What's the difference between a phone headset and a computer headset?

When I dial and place a call from Jabber, the audio is also heard through speakerphone on my desk phone.

Why are the voicemail email messages in Outlook color coded?

Windows 7 sound settings for Communications devices does not work in Jabber 9.1x

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