Software and Applications Links

Software and Applications:

Where can I find information about discounted software for Faculty, Staff, and Students?

Where do I go to learn more about online remote test proctoring?


How do I upload files to my personal web site through Adobe Dreamweaver (CS4/CS5)?

Virus and Spyware Protection at KSU:

Managing Your Junk Email Settings to Reduce Spam

What are the university's recommended anti-virus (antivirus) programs?

What should I do if I get a virus on my university-owned computer?

Where can I go for help with my personally owned computer or to get my computer fixed?

ET Applications:

How do faculty and staff request a license to use Camtasia Studio for Windows or Mac?



Filezilla Installation Instructions for Mac OS X

Filezilla installation instructions for Windows

Filezilla instructions for Connection to (Windows and Mac OS X)

I am a student that can't access my account at What can I do?

Filezilla instructions for posting content to and

What is the allowed maximum space for my personal sftp webpage?

Why do I receive a "503 error", "connection timeout", or "Could not connect to server" when attempting to connect to via Filezilla?

Can I create a personal webpage on Kent State's servers?

How do I view my Kent State personal webpage and what do I do if I get an error saying that I don't have permission to view the page?

How long can we keep our personal webpage after graduation?

I can't log in to to post my personal webpage using IE or Firefox. What should I do?

What site do I use to upload files to my personal webpage?

When I log in to, I don't see a public_html folder. What should I do?

Google Apps:

Google Apps and Services at Kent State University.

How do I access my Kent State Google Drive (Google Docs and Sites) account?

How do I connect and create Fusion tables in Google Docs?

How do I simultaneously connect to my Kent State Gmail account and my personal Gmail account?

I accidentally created two Google websites. How can delete one of them?

Managing Multiple users in Chrome

Sharing Large Files using Google Drive (Google Docs)

When signing into a Google Service, I'm taken to a page saying, "Your account has changed." It says I need to pick a new email address. Why do I need to do this?

Why can't I access certain Google Apps with my Kent State Email account?

General Information and FAQs:

How do I access the library research database resources?

Downloading GlobalProtect VPN For Personal Computers

Downloading GlobalProtect VPN For University Owned Computers

Installing GlobalProtect VPN on iOS

Installing GlobalProtect VPN on Android

How can I request remote access to key administrative systems?

I am a Stark State University student/staff/faculty member who is trying to access the library resources at the Kent State at Stark Campus. Can you help me?


How do I clear Java cache on the PC?(Windows and Mac)

Java & Windows: How do I determine which version of Java I am using, if any?(Windows and Mac)

Microsoft Products:

Microsoft Student Advantage - FREE OFFICE...

I've already purchased Microsoft Office or Windows from E-Academy and need my serial number or license key.


Backing up Personal Data

How can I add a YouTube Video to my ePortfolio page?

How can I submit new or updated knowledge to the Kent State University Knowledge Base?

How do I log into Moodle?

How do I request updates and information relating to the Kent online directory, web sites, CommonSpot, Google Analytics, or SiteImprove?

How do I search for a roommate on Facebook using the RoomSync application?

How do I sign up for or learn more about Qualtrics Survey Software?

I am having trouble accessing SalesLogix. What should I do?

I am having trouble with the website What should I do?

I can't log in to the Human Resources training system. What should I do?

I need to restore a file/get a backup of a file saved on a shared or network drive. What should I do?

Information on WebScheduler

Litetouch- error received "in-progress installation detected" ignore and start over both result in the same error again.

Sharepoint New Site Owner Guide

Sharepoint New Site User Guide

What is Baseline and how do I login?

Where can I download the newest version of popular web browsers?

Where can I find general and troubleshooting information for the Math Emporium?

Where can I find information about ALEKS?

Where can I find information about Coeus?

Where can I find information about eTutoring?

Where can I find information about InfoPro?

Where can I find information about Mathematica software?

Where can I find information about QuickAddress Pro (QAS)?

Where can I find information about the Mail Package Tracking System?



Instructions for Installing the SSH Secure Shell for Windows

Instructions for connecting the SSH Secure Shell Client to in Windows

Instructions for Connecting to via SSH in Terminal with a Mac

Access and support for statistical and qualitative software, including AMOS, SPSS, JMP and SAS

WebEx Help

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