Creating and Editing Channels in Kaltura

General information

All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted. For best results with video, Kaltura recommends preparing videos in 1280x720 pixels and using the H.264 video codec at about 4000 kb/s.

Channels can be used for organizational purposes, such as for different classes.

Log into Kaltura

Creating Channels

To create a new channel:

  1.   Click on your name
  2.   Click on My Channels
  3.   Click on Create Channel

Image showing My Channels and Create Channel

On the Create a New Channel page

  1. Name - give the channel a name (not to exceed 60 characters)
  2. Description – enter a brief description (this can be formatted)
  3. Tags – add key words to make the channel searchable. Add a comma or press enter after each tag to avoid getting the error “Loading failed.”
  4.  Set privacy options:
  • Restricted – All logged in users can view content and only channel members can contribute content.
  • Private – Only channel members can view and contribute content.
  • Shared Repository – Only channel members can view and contribute content; Content may be published to other channels, according to publishing entitlements.
  • Options – It is recommended to click on moderate content and enable comments in channel.
  1. Click Save.

Create new channel options.

Using the sample above, this is how your channel will appear:

The channel will look like this.

To add videos, click Add to Channel. Videos will appear, select which one to publish by putting a check in the box to the left and then click Publish.

To add members to a channel, click Edit.

Edit a channel.

To change details or privacy settings, click Members

Change the privacy settings by clicking members.

There are 4 membership levels as follows:

  • Member – can view and leave comments
  • Contributor – can upload and participate
  • Moderator – TA – can review, edit, delete comments and videos. All but manager status
  • Manager – can remove people from the channel

Click Add Member. Search for the username of the person to add (this will default to member). Don’t click Set as Owner to someone other than the intended owner. The channel will be relinquished, and can’t be changed unless the new owner reverts ownership back. Edit or delete users by clicking on the icons under Actions. Click Add.

Editing channels

When editing a channel, add the name and description. Add tags so the video will be easy to find when searched.  The permissions are explained below:

  • Open – anyone can view this video
  • Restricted – non-members can view but can participate by invitation only
  • Private – members only by invitation only
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