Uploading Videos and Other Media to Kaltura

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General Information

All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted. 

Video instructions are available in online tutorial

Uploading Videos and other Media to Kultura

  1. Log into Kaltura (video.kent.edu)
  2. Click on Add New and select Media Upload
  3. Click on Choose a file to upload or Drag & Drop a file
  4. Navigate to a video on the computer and select it
  5. Click Open

  1. Name - give the video a name
  2. Description – enter a brief description (this can be formatted)
  3. Tags – add key words to make the video more searchable. Add a comma or press enter after each tag to avoid getting the error “Loading failed.
  4. Set privacy options. The options are:
  • Private – the video can be viewed by the owner only
  • Unlisted – the video can be viewed by anyone with a link
  • Published – the video will be visible according to the entitlements on the published destinations.
  1. Click Save.
  2. To view the video, click Go to Media

By clicking on a video, it can be shared by copying the direct link. If the video is to be included in a Blackboard course, select the Player Skin and the Player Size, which will adjust the embed code accordingly. Copy the embed code and paste it into the Blackboard course where desired.

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