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Please note: Edit mode must first be enabled to make changes in Blackboard:

Edit Mode toggle

Make sure the Edit Mode Button is toggled to “On” (located in the upper right-hand corner) if you need to make changes to your course in Blackboard Learn.

General information

All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted. For best results with video, Kaltura recommends preparing videos in 1280x720 pixels and using the H.264 video codec at about 4000 kb/s.

Video instructions are available in online tutorials.

NEW! Audio only specialized players are now automatically detected when adding audio only files in Blackboard Learn Courses.

This building block will allow you to upload your videos from video.kent.edu to Blackboard and also directly into Blackboard, which will sync with your account in video.kent.edu.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. Go to your course
  3. Click on Build Content/Mashups/Kaltura Media

Build Content

  1. Click Embed for the video you wish to embed into your course.
  2. Give it a title and description if you wish, and any other options that are offered.
  3. Click Submit. The video will automatically be embedded into your course.
    Embed and Embed Settings
  4. Embed Settings, including size and Start and End Time can be adjusted by clicking on the "gear" icon. If the video and the Start and End Time are not visible, maximize your screen.
    Selecting size and start and end time image

To add media directly into Blackboard

  1. Go to your course
  2. Click on Build Content/Mashups/Kaltura Media

Build Content

  1. Click on Add New
  2. Select Media Upload

Add New and Media Upload image

Upload media.

  1. To upload a video from your computer, either Drag & Drop a video or click Choose a file to upload and navigate to where your video is stored
  2. Select the video you wish to upload
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Upload – this may take a few moments
  5. Add a title and any other information you wish
  6. Click Submit
  7. Your accounts will synchronize and the video will appear on both video.kent.edu and in your Blackboard course. This video will be marked as private and will only be viewable by the students in this course. To change permissions, click Edit.
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