Where can I find information about dropping a class?

NOTE: If you are an incoming freshman in the Fall semester, you must contact an academic advisor to make changes to your schedule.

Click here to see the Tuition Credit Policy to determine whether you are within the time frame to receive a refund.

To find information about withdrawing from classes:

Step 1. Log into FlashLine from http://www.kent.edu

Please type in the Search Box (found at the top) : Drop a class (if not found move to Step 2)

Search Flashline

Step 2. Under Student Resources, select Courses and Registration

Courses and Registration under Student Resources menu

Step 3. Select Add or Drop a Course

Add or Drop a course worksheet.

Step 4. Acknowledge both Last Day to Add/Drop a Course and the Payment Acknowledgement

Step 5. Select the Term

Step 6. To drop a current class, scroll down to Current Schedule. Your scheduled classes will appear.

Step 7. Click on the drop down box under Action for the class you wish to drop.

Action for the current class schedule

Step 8. Select Web Drop

Step 9. Click Submit Changes at the bottom of the page.


If you wish to confirm that the course has been dropped:

Step 1. Under Student Resources, select Courses and Registration

Step 2. In Courses and Registration, click on View or Print Course Schedule

Courses and Registration, View or Print Course Schedule

Step 3. Select the proper term and your current schedule will display.

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