How do I connect my amazon echo?

1.     Once the Alexa app opens, select “Home”

2.     Select Settings

3.     Then, “Set up a new device”

4.     Select the type of device you wish to set up

5.     Select your desired language and press continue.

6.     Follow on screen prompts to begin device setup.

7.     Follow on screen prompts to connect to the Amazon device via the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot.

8.     Connect to the hotspot.

9.     Once connected, chose “continue.”

10.  The MAC address of your Echo will display at the bottom of this page. Please use this MAC address to enter on the smartdevice website.

11.  Once you have entered your MAC address from this screen, select the “Multimedia Devices” network from the list of available networks.

12.  You will be asked to confirm the selected network.

13.  You will receive a confirmation that the network connection is complete.

14. If applicable, you will be prompted to select the speaker connection type being utilized.

15. Device setup is now complete!

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