Editing the Role or Availability of a User Within a Blackboard Learn Course (Faculty)

To edit a user’s role or availability within a course:

  1. Log in to the specific course in Blackboard Learn.

  2. In the Course Management Control Panel, select Users and Groups > Users.

under the users and groups drop down, users is selected

  1. Hover over the user and click the grey circle icon to open the “contextual menu”.

  2. By selecting Change User’s Role in Course, the Role of the User selected can be changed.

    1. To change a user’s role, select the corresponding radio button (circle) next to the Role to change the user to and click Submit.

  3. By selecting Change User’s Availability in Course, the User’s availability (enabled or disabled) can be changed within this course only.

    1. To change a user’s availability, select Yes (enabled) or No (disabled) from the drop down option and click Submit.

within the Users section, one user is selected and the dropdown next to their name shows  "change user's roles in Course" and "Change user's availability in course" options are highlighted


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