How do I access the library research database resources?

How do I access the library research database resources?

Online library resources such as research databases, electronic journals, electronic books, and streaming audio and video are available to all current Kent State students and employees.

From on-campus, you must use a computer or device connected to the University’s network through a wired or wireless connection.

When off-campus, the KSU Proxy is required to access library resources.

What do I have to do to use KSU Proxy?

KSU Proxy requires no configuration on the user's part. In fact, all you need to use KSU Proxy is your FlashLine user name and password.

The connection to KSU Proxy is coded within the Library’s links to databases, electronic journals, ebooks, and media on the Library's web pages and in KentLINK. When you click on a link to an online resource, KSU Proxy checks whether your computer or device is is connected to a campus network or is connected to an off-campus network such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T,  or Spectrum.

  • If you’re connected on campus, you’ll bypass KSU Proxy and be sent directly to the resource.

  • If you’re connected off campus, you’ll be presented a Kent State University login page and prompted to enter your FlashLine username and password. Once logged in, you’ll be linked to the resource.

Having trouble accessing the KSU Proxy from off campus?

The most common issue is that you are using a non-proxied link to the resource.

It is possible non-proxied links are still available in Blackboard courses, on instructor’s syllabi, or from old bookmarks (those created prior to the KSU Proxy).  Following these outdated links when off campus will result is a failure to connect to KSU Proxy.  

Connect From Off-Campus FAQs:

To ensure proper KSU Proxy login please follow these steps:

1.  When possible begin off campus research from the KSU Library website:

    Research Tools:

    Databases A-Z:

    Journal Finder:

2.   If you are following web links from other resources such as Blackboard, course syllabi, personal bookmarks, etc. please check the URL and verify the link begins with the KSU Proxy Prefix:

If not, you may copy and paste the prefix in front of the URL you are using:

For Example:

Non-proxied Blackboard Link:

Proxied Link:

At this point, unless you are already signed into Flashline, you should be prompted to login into KSU Proxy using your Flashline username and password.  Once you provide your Flashline login information your browser session will be proxied and you will be forwarded to the resource.  You may begin using the resource as if you were on campus now.

Note: Many library resources will have their own individual “Log in” option (usually near the top of their website).  This “Log in” is not required for KSU Proxy access.  If you attempt to log into resources in this way with your KSU login you may receive a false report that your username and password is not recognized or incorrect.  It is not necessary to establish a “Log in” with each individual resource.

Still having trouble?

If you are having issues accessing resources after connecting to the KSU Proxy successfully please contact the Library’s Ask Us! desk.

Emeriti and Retirees do not automatically retain access to log in to Library Resources but can request approval for extended access by submitting a support request.


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