Manually Mounting a Network Drive - Windows 7

NOTE: You must also have downloaded, installed and connected to the KSU VPN before attempting connection if you are off campus or on an unsecured wireless network (such as Kent State Guest). Click here to download the KSU VPN.

  1. Double-click on "Computer" (from the Desktop) or Single click on "Computer" (from the Start Menu)
    Start Menu
  2. Right-click on a clear space within the "Computer" window, then select "Add a Network Location" (Windows 7 Pro) or "Map Network Drive" (Windows 7 Home Premium).
    Computer pop out menu
  3. Once the Add Network Location Wizard appears, click Next
    Add network location wizard dialog
  4. Select Choose a custom network location, then click Next
    Choose a custom network location from the Add Network Location dialog box.
  5. Enter the "Internet or network address" (\\server\share) information then click "Next". specify the \\server\share address in the add network location dialog box.

Note: This is provided by your local desktop support person. Please contact them for the file share address information. View a list of contacts here.

  1. When prompted, enter your Kent email address ( and password, then click "Ok".
    Windows security dialog.
  2. When asked to name the network location, you can simply click "Next" unless you want to add a nickname for the share.
  3. On the final screen of the wizard, uncheck or check "Open this network location when I click Finish" depending on your preference, then click "Finish"

Your network drive will now be listed in the "Computer" window that you can get to from the desktop or Start Menu (as stated in step 1).

If you have multiple network locations to connect, repeat steps 1-8.

Create a Shortcut to your Network Location(s)

Creating a shortcut to a network location allows you to easily re-establish your network connection(s) if you shutdown, reboot or log-off. Remember, if you are working from off campus, you will need to first launch the KSU VPN before the network connection is accessible.

  1. From the Computer window, right-click on the desired network location, then select Send To, then Desktop (create shortcut)
    Create shortcut.
  2. There should now be a shortcut on the desktop for your network location. This shortcut can be used to re-establish the network connection after you log-off or reboot your computer.
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