How can I get a guest account created for a non-Kent State student/contractor?

This process should be invoked whenever a Kent State University Guest account is required for a visiting guest. By following this process they will be granted access to FlashLine, AD and LDAP. For access to additional resources, please indicate the following as part of the PURPOSE of the account:

To request an account: (Only sponsors may request a KSU guest account. Tickets must be entered in the sponsor's name.  The sponsor must be a full-time staff or faculty member of Kent State University.)

If the guest needs access to KSU systems, please do the following:

Step 1. The sponsor should go to the website:

Login with your KSU Credentials, then accept the user terms and conditions for requesting a guest account.

Create Guest account agreement screen

Step 2. Confirm your contact information as the official sponsor of the guest.

Guest account confirm your information screen

Step 3. Enter all the guest information which is REQUIRED:

  • Full Name of Sponsor
  • Sponsor’s Email
  • Sponsor’s Department
  • Sponsor’s phone number
  • Full name of guest
  • Guest’s alternate email
  • Guest’s home address
  • Guest's home phone number
  • Guest's date of birth
  • Purpose of account - specify which of the following will need to be accessed:
  • Time to live (date access expires)

Email, Gmail – for an email account and access to KSU Google Apps, Email, Exchange – for an email account including access to outlook Calendaring. MEE – for access to Departmental computers running McAfee Endpoint Encryption

Enter Guest Account Screen

Step 4. Once this information is sent to the Access Management department, the Access Management group will send a confirmation email to the guest. The guest will then need to log into their account and change their password, which the temporary password credentials provided below.

Guest account has been created screen

NOTE:  Guest account expiration date cannot exceed 1 year. The account can be extended in 1 year increments by the sponsor contacting Access Management, prior to the account expiring.

Step 5. The process to renew the guest account is avaible to the sponsor through the portal. Just go in prior to the expiration date to renew the guest for an additional time frame.

 Guest account renewal process screen

If the guest needs to request a password reset, please do the following:

1. Have the guest call the Helpdesk and ask for a password reset. The Helpdesk will ask the guest if their sponsor has contacted them with information regarding their KSU guest account. They will need this information to verify their ID and have their password reset.

2. The Helpdesk will verify the guest by asking them for ALL of the information listed above.

  • If the guest is unable to verify ALL of the above, a password reset will not be granted to the guest.  The guest will then need to contact their sponsor to have their sponsor call to have the password reset.

If the sponsor needs to request the guest’s account password be reset, please do the following:

1.    Call the Helpdesk and ask for a password reset for a student/contractor account that you sponsor. The Helpdesk will ask you for your FlashLine ID and verify your identity.

2.  If the agent is able to successfully verify your ID, they will ask the sponsor for the guest account user ID for which the password needs to be reset, ask the Helpdesk to repeat the guest account ID to ensure they are searching for the correct account, and they will reset the password for that guest account.

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