Where can students find information about clickers?

In order to streamline support and services, KSU has standardized on a response device system from Turning Technologies, LLC. If required by the instructor, a ResponseCard LCD, QT, or QT2 (aka clicker) will need to be purchased by the student to participate in the use of the response device system. A student must purchase a Turning Point Cloud license in order for their scores to be recorded by their instructor. This purchase of a license also includes access to ResponseWare, a web/mobile based application, through permission of use by the instructor.

In order to create a TurningPoint Cloud account and purchase a new clicker or a license for a used clicker you will need to follow the instructions.

Are all incoming freshman expected to purchase a clicker?  If so, which one?

Kent State University selected TurningTechnologies, LLC as the standardized vendor for its classroom response systems. As such, all 'clicker' software and hardware needs are provided by TurningTechnologies, LLC providing unified support and eliminating the need for students to purchase multiple systems. Students are only required to purchase a ResponseCard LCD, QT, or QT2 if the instructor requests.

Where can students purchase a 'clicker'?

Students can purchase a 'clicker' bundle, which includes a license, at:

  • Kent State University Bookstore
  • TurningTechnologies

 Students can purchase a ‘clicker’, which requires a separate license purchase, at:

  • Through an online vendor such as EBay or Amazon (as long as it's a TurningTechnologies, LLC brand ResponseCard RF, QT, or QT2)

How much does a 'clicker' cost?

  • The bookstore also has TurningPoint ResponseCard QT2 available for purchase. This includes a 4 year TurningPoint Cloud license. Please contact the bookstore for current pricing.
  • Clicker bundles may also be purchased once you have signed up for your TurningPoint Cloud account.
  • If you purchased a used clicker and purchased a 1 year license for it you may qualify for a rebate on the 1 year license. 

Registering your clicker by navigating to the Turning Technologies Registration Tool

All Turning Technologies functions are performed using the Turning Technologies Registration Tool.

How to navigate to the Turning Account Registration Tool...

1.  Log into Blackboard.

2. Select the appropriate course under Course List.

3. Click Tools from the left menu. 

4. Click Turning Account Registration Tool.**

**If this tool is not available, please contact your instructor.  This tool can only be made available by your instructor.  If you require additional help, please contact software@kent.edu.

5. Enter your university email address in the area provided and click Create an account.

Enter your university email address in the turning point account dialog box.

6. Check your email. Click the verification link.

Sample email verification

7. Enter all required fields as noted by the asterisks and click Finish.

Account information screen

 8. If you have a license code and/or device ID enter them in the appropriate box and click Redeem and/or Register.

  • NOTE: If you are using ResponseWare, you are ready to participate in class after you redeem your license code.
  • IMPORTANT: You must have a license to participate and receive credit for your responses.

9. Click Finish.

The Turning Account Dashboard is displayed. If you have a check mark for License, Device and Learning Management System, you are finished.

Welcome screen

Missing a License?

If you have an X below License it is because you have not yet applied a license to your account.

1  Log into http://account.turningtechnologies.com, select Profile from the left menu and click Manage Licenses. Click "Add a License"

2  Enter the code in the License Code field and click Redeem.

3  To purchase a license from the Turning Technologies Student Store click Student Store from the left menu.

4  Purchase your items.

  • NOTE: Licenses are automatically applied to your Turning Account after purchasing from the Turning Technologies Student Store.

Missing a Device ID?

If you have an X below Device it is because you have not yet registered a device to your Turning Account.

1  After purchasing your device from the University Bookstore, log into http://account.turningtechnologies.com to add your device.

2  Select Profile from the left menu and click Manage Response Devices. Click Add a Device.

3  Enter the Response Device ID and click Redeem.

Registering a ResponseWare Clicker ID

A ResponseWare ID must be registered to receive credit in class.

NOTE:  It is not necessary to use both a ResponseCard and ResponseWare. Check with your instructor BEFORE attempting to use ResponseWare to see if it is approved for use in your class.  To gain access to a ResponseWare ID, you will need to purchase a license through TurningTechnologies.  This can be done through the “Student Store” link once you’ve logged in to https://account.turningtechnologies.com. Any issues with purchasing a license can be handled by TurningTechnologies at 330-746-3015.

How to register a ResponseWare clicker ID:

1.  On your mobile device or tablet, select ResponseWare.

2.  Enter your ResponseWare Email Address (Username) and Password.

3.  Click Register. A message appears indicating that the Device ID has been successfully registered.

Contacting Customer Support

Technical Support is available Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST.

From within the continental United States, you can reach Customer Service toll-free by calling 1-877-726-4602. If calling from outside the United States please call +1-330-746-3015.

Customer Service may also be reached at: http://www.turningtechnologies.com/technical-support.

Will students be able to sell back their 'clickers'?

Please contact the bookstore to inquire about buy back rates.

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