Uploading Scantron Grades

Using the Scantron File Converter for Blackboard Learn

To convert a Scantron file, access the conversion tool available here.

The Scantron converter allows instructors to upload grades from Scantron (bubble sheet) exams, into the Blackboard Grade Center. To begin, access to the .txt file from the Data Center is necessary. When uploading the text file into the converter, it will be converted into a format that can be imported into Blackboard Learn 9.

QUICK STEPS:  Uploading and Converting the File

1. Enter the instructor's FlashLine username and password into the corresponding text boxes.
2. Click on the Login button at the bottom of the form

Username and Password prompt.

3. Click Browse to upload the document from the computer.
4. Click Format. The file will be converted to a format that can be uploaded in to Blackboard Learn Grade Center.
5. Click the Download Results button to download the finished file.
6. Click the Download this list link to download a list of all incorrect entries.

TIP: Use the file containing the lookup errors to determine which students need to be manually graded.

7. To convert another file, click: Process Another File; otherwise click Logout.

Click the Process another file link in the upper left corner of the screen, or the logout button in the upper right.

8. Log in to the course in Blackboard Learn and go to the Grade Center
9. Click Work Offline.
10. Click Upload

full grade center field and under the work offline drop-down, Upload is highlighted

11. Click Choose File and select the formatted file that was downloaded earlier.
12. Click Submit.
13. Student grades will be uploaded. Any students who entered incorrect information on the form will not be loaded and must be entered manually.

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