I am trying to accept my Title IV Federal Aid and there is no place to accept. What should I do?

To access the Bursar's Office Step-By-Step Student Account Access instructions, click here.

To accept your Title IV Financial Aid, log into FlashLine and click on Student then Finances. Scroll down to the financial aid section and click Title IV Federal Aid Authorization. Under My You only have to accept once during your entire college career.  If the screen appears like the one below, you have already accepted your award. 

Title IV Aid Authorization of Title IV Aid award acceptance screen

Note that the check boxes will not allow you to select and the verbiage says that "You have authorized Kent State" to use your aid as you have previously chosen.  If you wish to rescind this authorization, visit the Bursar's website to complete a "Rescind Authorization of Title IV" form at https://www.kent.edu/bursar/title-iv-rescindment-form-0.

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