How do I setup Kent State Wireless internet on my mobile device?


Kent State Wireless is the recommended wireless network for all wifi-enabled mobile devices that are owned by students, faculty and staff at Kent State. Those who do not have a FlashLine username should utilize the "Kent State Guest" wireless network while on a Kent State campus.   

Note: If you have not changed from your default FlashLine password, you must do so before you will be able to connect to Kent State Wireless, click here.

Please Note: The following is a list of general connection instructions for each kind of mobile device you may be trying to use when connecting to Kent State Wireless. We cannot guarantee that these instructions will work with each device. Your specific device may require some extra steps when trying to connect. See your local support, the Tech Help Service and Repair Center in Tri-Towers or the HelpDesk at the campus you attend if you require additional assistance.

Connection Steps

Kent State Wireless settings for Android:

1. Navigate on your mobile device to Setting > Wireless and Network > Wifi Settings.

2. Ensure the following information is entered for the Kent State Wireless wireless network settings:

    • EAP method: PEAP

    • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2

    • CA certificate: Use system certificates

    • Domain:

    • Identity: <FlashLine Username> (do not include "")

    • Anonymous Identity: <Leave Blank>

    • Password: <FlashLine Password>

Kent State Wireless settings for iPhone and other iOS devices (iPad and iPod Touch):

1. Make sure your Wifi feature is enabled by going to Settings > WiFi > WiFi set to "On"

2. Once WiFi is turned on, from the "Choose a Network" list, press "Kent State Wireless"

3. Enter your FlashLine Username (without and password.

4. If prompted, press to accept the certificate for the Kent State Wireless network.

Kent State Wireless settings for Blackberry devices:

Note: These instructions may vary slightly with each Blackberry model.

1. Ensure your Blackberry device supports Wifi connection by checking the list of wifi supported Blackberries:

2. On the Home Screen, click the "Manage Connections" icon and make sure there is a check next to "Wifi".

3. Click "Set up Wifi Network" and then click "Scan for Networks".

4. Select the Kent State Wireless network and complete the instructions on the screen. When prompted for a username and password, enter your FlashLine Username (without and password.

5. When prompted to save the Wifi network, click "Next" so your Blackberry will remember this network the next time you want to connect to it.

6. On the "Wifi Setup Complete" screen, click "Finish".

Kent State Wireless settings for Windows Phone Devices:

Note: These instructions are approximated. Connection cannot be guaranteed.

1. On "Start," flick left to the "App" list and tap "Settings."

2. Select "WI-FI" from the settings list.

3. Make sure WI-FI is set to "On."

4. You will be provided with a list of WI-FI networks. Select "Kent State Wireless" from the list.

5. When prompted to enter a password, enter your FlashLine username (without and password.

NOTE: You may be asked to accept a certificate. You must accept the certificate in order to connect.

Kent State Wireless Settings for WebOS - Palm Pre (Plus), Palm Pixi (Plus), Palm Pre 2, HP Veer, HP Pre 3, HP TouchPad

1.  From the home screen, swipe down the top right menu.    

2.  Open the Wi-Fi section, turn on Wi-Fi and select the Kent State Wireless access point.

3.  Enter your FlashLine user name (without and password and click Sign In.  

4.  You will see a confirmation that the device has connected to the wireless internet.  You can now close the WiFi settings card.

Kent State Wireless settings for Amazon Kindle Fire:

Kindle Fire does not currently support WPA2-Enterprise networks, including Kent State Wireless.  Please connect to the "Multimedia Devices" network and sign in through the Amazon Silk browser using your FlashLine user name and password.  You must update to the newest Software version.  Updating to the newest version can be done Over The Air on WiFi, or through USB:  Once on the new version, follow the instructions for Android devices, available above.

Kent State Wireless settings for Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet:

As of 1/1/12, the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet can only connect to the Kent State Guest wireless network. These instructions do not apply to the Nook Color or Simple Touch.  Kent State Wireless currently aren't able to connect.  Kent State Guest does not allow access to secure Kent State resources, including FlashLine.


1.  Tap the NOOK button to open the Quick Nav Bar.

2.  In the Quick Nav Bar, tap the Settings icon.

3.  Tap the Wireless settings option.

4.  Tap on the "Kent State Guest" network.

5.  Open the Nook's web browser (via the Web icon) and accept the Guest wireless agreement.

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