How do I upload files to my personal web site through Adobe Dreamweaver (CS4/CS5)?

1.  Make sure you have logged into FlashLine at least once and set up a new password.  If you are working from off-campus, you must have the KSU-VPN running before you can connect.

2.  In the Files palette on the left of your screen, click Manage Sites.  (See screen capture 1)

3.  Select New

4. Enter a Site Name and a location on your computer for files to be stored locally. This is an optional step.

5.  Select Servers and then click the Plus (+) sign icon.

6.  (a) Server Name:  Kent Personal Web Site   

     (b) Connect Using:  SFTP   

     (c)  Port: 22   

     (d)  SFTP Address:   

     (e)  User name:  Your FlashLine user name without the    Password:  Your FlashLine password    (See screen capture 2)

7.  Click the Test button.  If you see "Adobe Dreamweaver connected to your Web server successfully," you are all setup.

Uploading Files Within Dreamweaver

1.  In the Files palette, click the Synchronize button (the double arrows).  For Direction, select Get newer files from remote and then click Preview.

2.  This will attempt to pull any files and folders currently on the server to your local computer.  Click OK.

3.   If you haven't yet created a file, go to File > New to get started.  Any files that you would like to display as a web page must residence in the public_html folder.

4.  After you've created a file (such as an index.html home page), select the public_html folder and click the upload (up) arrow.    (See screen capture 3)

5.  If you receive a message about Department Files, click Yes.

6.  Your changes are now synchronized with the remote server.  Simply click the up arrow on your public_html folder any time you would like to make changes.

7.  If you would like to view your work in your browser, navigate to:  For example, if you uploaded the file "index.html", you would navigate to to see the file.

Additional Questions?

We cannot assist in the creation of personal web sites.  If you are enrolled in a class, please contact your Professor.  Additional help is available at the Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) in the library:

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