Printing Options at Kent State University

Printing from the FlashPrint site or email:

Sending a job as an email attachment to

Attach your document to an email from your address

      *If the email you are using is not your address you will receive an email back with instuctions on registering a new email address but we strongly recommend using your email address whenever possible.

To print using the new site: 

1. Use your FlashLine login and password. (Do not use

2. Click Upload in the upper left corner of the screen to put a document in the system to be printed:

3. Once the document has been uploaded, you can go to any public lab where you wish to print the document.

4. Swipe your FlashCard at the print release station.

5. The system will automatically deduct the money from you account. Available funds are located at the bottom left of the screen.


Printing without your FlashCard

If you need to print  and have not yet obtained a new Flashcard.

  1. Send your documents to print as you normally would.

  2. Log on to the printer with your Flashline username and password to print, rather than swiping your Flashcard.

  3. Print the jobs you need immediately.

  4. Obtain new Flashcard from Flashcard Office.


If you need to print and have received your new Flashcard less than 24 hours ago

Option A:

Your new FlashCard will not be activated on FlashPrint until the next morning, wait until then to use it or see Option B.

Option B:

  1. Use a lab computer with a Pharos printer in it.
  2. When you print, it will prompt you for your Flashline username and password.
  3. Instead of entering your credentials, enter the numbers on the front of your new Flashcard and do NOT enter a password
  4. At the release station, swipe your new card and you will see the print jobs sent under the numbers you entered.
  5. When you print the job, the funds will be deducted from your FlashCash account.
  6. If you need to print more jobs that day, continue to use the numbers on the front of your card with no password until the next day. The next morning you may resume swiping your card as normal or logging in with your Flashline ID.

How can I print on campus?

Step 1. Open your document and choose File->Print and select the printer you wish to use from the available options.



Step 2. Press print then log on with your FlashLine username and password. (Do not use



Step 3. Head to the nearby printer and swipe your Flashcard or log on again with your FlashLine username and password.



Step 4. You will see a list of jobs you have printed, select the one you wish to print and press the Print button. The funds will be deducted from your FlashCash account and your job will print.


Printing from a Public Lab:

Printing is available in all labs ( on the Kent campus at a cost of 7 cents per page.  Students wishing to print will need to maintain a debit account on their FlashCard.  Color printing is available at an additional charge in the following locations:

Instructional Resource Center (IRC) in 221 White Hall
Main Library First floor Reference area
Architecture Library – Taylor Hall
Fashion Library – Rockwell Hall
Map Library – McGilvery Hall
Performing Arts Library – Center for Performing Arts

Regional Campuses - For information about printing on regional campuses, please contact your local Helpdesk.

Printing in Residence Halls

Public Labs: There are public labs with black & white printers in many residence halls. Click here if you need to download drivers. 

Personal Printers:   Students may wish to bring their own printer to campus but support is limited since there are so many different types.  If you choose to have a personal printer, you must use a USB cable to connect, even if your printer is wireless since wireless printing is not allowed on the Kent State wireless networks.  You may purchase the USB cable from the Tech Help Service and Repair Center on campus, online, or anywhere electronics are sold.

Below are some links to vendors' support sites:


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