Browser Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems with your web browser, including:

- Images, sounds or videos not loading properly (or an X where the image should be)
- Slow speed and performance
- Links or buttons not opening the proper web site or not working at all
- Web pages are not displaying correctly
- Receiving error messages
- Browser freezes or crashes

Please try the following (works on both university-owned and personally-owned computers):

1. Clearing all cookies/cache for your browser
2. Internet Explorer only: try setting to "compatibility mode"
3. Turn off your browser's pop-up blocker

4. Turn off browser add-ons and plug-ins
5. Reset your browser to its default settings
6. Java and/or clear Java Cache

7. Reinstall Adobe Flash (problems playing videos only)
8. Disable Protected Mode by following these steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer 10.

  • From the Internet Explorer 10 command bar, choose Tools and then Internet Options.

  • In the Internet Options window, click on the Security tab.

  • Below the Security level for this zone area, and directly above the Custom level... and Default level buttons, uncheck the Enable Protected Mode checkbox.

Note: Disabling Protected Mode requires a restart of Internet Explorer 10, as you may have seen next to the checkbox in this step.

  • Click OK on the Internet Options window.

  • If you're prompted with a Warning! dialog box, advising that The current security settings will put your computer at risk., click the OK button.

  • Close Internet Explorer 10 and then open it up again.

  • Try again to visit the web sites that were causing your problems to see if resetting the Internet Explorer 10 security settings on your computer helped.

If these steps do not work, and you're using a personally-owned computer:

1. Uninstall the browser
     Internet Explorer:
     Safari: Cannot be uninstalled
2. Reinstall your browser or download a new browser
3. Scan for viruses and malware (Download and run Microsoft Security Essentials)

NOTE: After upgrading to Internet Explorer 10, if you are no longer able to access Kent sites, try this work-around:

1. Go to Internet Options.
2. Select the Security tab.
3. Select the "Trusted Sites" section.
4. Click "Sites." 5. Enter "*" in the line provided and click Add.


Try changing to Compatibility Mode by following the steps below:

1. In the address bar at the top of your browser, click on the icon as shown in the graphic below:

2. You will be changed to Compatibility Mode. If the icon disappears and you wish to change back, simply close your browser and reopen it.

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