Cisco Jabber Quick Reference Guide for Windows

Availability Status (Presence)

Click the drop-down menu under your name in the Jabber window and select a status message:

Available (green)
Away - Idle or On the phone or In a Meeting (gold) Away - Idle or On the phone or In a Meeting (gold)
Do Not Disturb (red) Enables DND on your phone Do Not Disturb (red) Enables DND on your phone
The contact is not logged in to Jabber (gray) The contact is not logged in to Jabber (gray)

Or type a custom status message into the status field.

Manage Contacts

Create a Group

  1. Choose File menu-->New-->Group

  2. Enter a Group Name and click Create. The new group appears in the Jabber Window.

Add Contacts to a Group (Internal)

  1. Search the contact name.

  2. Select the contact from the list that appears and drag it over the Group Name in the contact list.

Contact Tips

  • Right-click a contact to Edit

  • Add a Nickname for the contact if you wish

  • Right-click a contact to Remove the contact.

  • Right-click on a contact to select a new Group for the contact. Or drag the contact over the Group name to move it into the Group.

Calling Features

Place a Call

From your Jabber contact list, do one of the following:

  1. Hover over a contact and click the phone icon.

  2. Right-click a contact, select Call. If the contact has more than one number, select Work or Mobile.

  3. Type the number in the Search field, press Enter.

  4. Enter a name in the search field.  Hover over the contact in the list, and click the phone icon.

Receive a Call

Click the Answer button in the call window that appears when there is an incoming call.

Manage Calls with call window icons

Call window icons

Start a Conference Call

  1. Highlight the contacts to include in the conference call by <ctrl>-clicking each contact. Or right-click on a group name to select all members of the group.

  2. Select Start Conference Call or Start Video Conference Call.

  3. In the Active Conference Call window, click the Call button for the first participant. When they answer, click Join.

  4. Repeat step 3 for each participant in the call.

Merge two or more Calls

  1. Put the active call on Hold and place the second call.

  2. In the Active Conversation window, click the drop-down menu button. Select Conference With, and then select the other Call that appears in the window.

Transfer Calls

  1. Select the Down Arrow in the Active Conversation window and select Transfer to >Contact.

  2. In the Transfer Call dialog box, type a phone number and press the Enter key.  Or search for a contact by name, select a contact from the results list, and then click Call. Click Transfer when the call is answered.

Minimize the Jabber Window

Click in X the title bar to minimize Jabber to the Windows system tray.

To restore the Jabber window, right-click the Jabber icon. (Located in the Windows system tray at lower right in the Start Bar.)

Jabber Icon Menu

Contact List

Click the Contact list icon to see contacts and their availability indicators.

Call lists

View your call lists by clicking the Calls icon.

Select the number of calls to View (All, Today, Yesterday, etc.) and filter the call Type to view (All, Placed, Received, Missed.)

Voice Mail Messages

Double-click the message or click the Play button.

Play button

Call from call list or Voice mail

Right-click on an entry in the list and select Call back.

Mark a Voice mail message as read or new

Select one or more voice mail items, right-click and select Mark as Read or Mark as New.

Delete a call record or voice mail message

Right-click an item and choose Delete. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Click the calendar icon to select a day to view.

Refresh the calendar view.

Phone Control Menu

Note the phone control menu icon in the lower right corner of the Jabber window:

When your laptop is away from your desk, select "Use my computer for calls" to call using your laptop speaker and microphone, or a USB headset.  When your laptop is at your desk, select "Use my phone for calls." Click a contact to dial using the phone.

 Phone Control Menu

If you place a call with your computer when "Use my phone" is selected, the call will be broadcast through the desk phone speaker, and will be audible to those nearby.  You can place calls using Jabber when you are on Kent State Wireless, or when logged in to the Kent VPN.

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