Managing Shared Resources

The Exchange Group Manager at has been retired. In order to access the Distribution Groups and Shared Resources that you own, please follow these instructions: 

  1. With your Flashline credentials, sign in at and choose “Outlook”. 

  1. Click on the settings gear at the top-right of the page:

image of gear icon 


  1. At the bottom, click “View all Outlook Settings”:

image of outlook settings search box 

  1. On the left, click “General” followed by “Distribution Groups”:

images of general and distribution groups tabs are both highlighted 


  1. On the right, underDistribution Groups I Own”, double-click a group to modify it. 

  1. In the window that pops up click “membership” to add or remove members.  

image of the membership tab  

  1. To request a new Distribution Group or Shared Resource, open a Support ticket at under Request Type: Email, Calendar, and Collaboration (Google and Office 365). 



I made a change to my group but it's not appearing in the Global Address Book. 

  • Changes made to group membership will take 10-15 minutes to take effect within Office 365. 

I am trying to change the status of a group within a group but am unable to do so. 

  • The application only allows for add/remove of individual users within a group.  Management of groups within a group must be submitted via ticket to Request Type: Email, Calendar or Listserv and Email Request: Shared Resource Issues for attention. 

I need to replace the manager of a group. 

  • The application is not intended for managing managers of groups. Any requests for changing the owners of groups should be submitted via ticket to Request Type: Email, Calendar, and Collaboration (Google and Office 365). 


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