Connect to a Linux device to Kent State Wireless

  1. If you have a wireless hardware switch on your computer, make sure that it is turned on.

  2. Click the network menu in the menu bar, and click Kent State Wireless.

  3. Required settings

    1. Wi-Fi Security - WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

    2. Authentication - PEAP 

    3. Anonymous -  Leave Blank

    4. CA Certificate - Leave blank

      1. No CA Certificate is required - Check this box

    5. PEAP Version - Automatic

    6. Inner Authentication - MSCHAPv2

    7. Username : Your Flashline username 

    8. Password : Your Flashline Password 

Linux Wi-Fi Network Authentication Required Prompt.

  1. The Connect button will change from grayed out to clickable. 

  2. The network icon will change appearance as the computer attempts to connect to the network.

  3. If the connection is successful, the icon will change to a dot with several bars above it. More bars indicate a stronger connection to the network. If there aren't many bars, the connection is weak and might not be very reliable.

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