Organizing a Course List in Blackboard Learn

The Courses and My Institution tabs in Blackboard Learn each list currently enrolled courses (as a student or instructor), as well as courses from previous semesters. Hiding courses will not delete them from these lists.

The instructions will be the same for the My Institution Tab > My Courses -or- Courses > Course List.  Please note that the course list in each tab is maintained separately so a different list can be maintained in the My Institution tab than in the Courses tab.

Hover over the banner the list of courses and a grey gear icon will appear.

courses and the gear icon are highlighted

My Institution - Grey gear icon highlighted under My Courses

By selecting the check box(es) on the left-hand side under “Select All/Unselect All”, either all or none of the check boxes will be selected on the right hand side under each column, or each individual box on the right-hand side can be selected.  If none of the boxes to the right are checked, the course will be hidden from the list.

In the example below, only the top two courses will show.

From this page, drag and drop the courses or use the “Re-order” button (the Up and Down arrows) to rearrange the order in which the courses appear on the list.

reorder button highlighted under edit course list

Make sure to click the Submit button.

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