Course Availability (Faculty)

The instructions below will assist with the 2 ways to make courses available or unavailable to users.

Method #1

Clicking on the icon located in the upper right of your course can easily make your course available

Image showing unlocked padlock indicating course is available

or unavailable.

Image showing locked padlock indicating course is not available

Method #2

Within a course, go to Control Panel (bottom left-hand corner) and click Customization, then click Properties.

Control panel selected, below it Customizaton is highlighted, and below that properties is highlighted

Option 1. Set Availability gives the option to:

  • Yes - Make Course Available to users

  • No – Make Course Unavailable to users

Option 2. Set Course Duration gives the options to make the course:

  • Continuously available

  • Select Dates (example course duration dates)

  • Days from the Date of Enrollment

Click Submit.

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