Creating and Editing Assignments (Faculty)

To create an assignment, in the Course Content area, click on Assessments->Assignment. The options below will be presented:

  • Assignment information – the assignment must be named. Instructions are optional and can be formatted using the text editor.

  • Assignment files – files can be attached by either Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection.

  • Due Dates – set a due date for the assignment.

  • Grading – Points Possible must be added. Rubrics can be added, along with submission details including whether this will be an individual or group assignment, the numbers of attempts allowed, and using SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. The Grading options are available to Enable Anonymous Grading or Enable Delegated Grading. Display of Grades gives the option to display the grade as a score, letter, text, percentage, or complete/incomplete. Check the appropriate box to Include in Grade Center grading calculations, Show to students in My Grades or Show Statistics (average and median) for this item to Students in My Grades.

  • Availability – This assignment will not be available to students unless the box is checked for Make the Assignment Available. Display date ranges can be set and the number of views can be tracked.

  • Click Submit. The assignment will appear in course content and a column will be added to the grade center.

To edit an assignment, click on the options icon to the right of the assignment name, then click Edit.

Options drop down is selected, edit button is highlighted

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