Date Management (Faculty)

After performing a course copy from one semester to another in Blackboard Learn, dates within the new course can be adjusted manually or automatically, by start date or by number of days.

To access the Date Management Tool, go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Date Management to be directed to the Date Management Review. This screen displays all content and tools with dates set in the course. Dates can be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

Clicking on Run Date Management Again will give the option to change dates by either the course start date or adjusting by a number of days. Click the radio button to List All Dates For Review. Click Submit to begin Date Management. A progress bar will appear and an email will be sent when the process has completed. Click Next to review all dates.

Clicking on a date or on the edit button will open a calendar from which to change the date. After selecting the date and time, click Done, and then the green check box to change the date.

Calendar is open and Done is highlighted.  The edit icon is highlighted and the green check box is highlighted


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