Export Tests, Surveys, and Pools (Faculty)


Tests, surveys, and pools can be exported from one course (by saving the zip file on your computer or content collection), then imported into another course.  Please note, this file will only be readable by Blackboard Learn.

Once you've exported the test, you can import into a different course folowing the instructions HERE.

Exporting a Test (follow the same steps for Surveys or Pools)

  1. In the Control Panel, click on Course Tools to expand it then click on Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Screenshot showing Course tools drop down selected and Tests, Surveys, and Pools is highlighted

  1. Click Tests

  2. Hover over the Test to export, click Export to Local Computer, then Save File to save in desired location and click OK. Or click Export to Content Collection to save to content.

Screenshot of Export to Local Computer and Export to Content Collection is highlighted

Note for Mac users: The test file may automatically unzip when it is saved to the computer, however Blackboard Learn will only recognize the .zip file.  Before importing, locate the file on the computer, right click (or control + click) and select “Compress file” to resave it as a .zip.  

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