Inline Grading (Faculty)

In Blackboard Learn on the Grade Assignment page, assignments submitted by students can be viewed, commented on and graded. Start by clicking on Needs Grading in the Grade Center.

All items that need grading will appear in a list. Click on the user name to open the attempt. Review the assignment submission, add comments, then click in the Attempt box to add a grade and feedback, and click Submit. The grade will be added to the grade center and the student will be able to see their grade in My Grades. Click Grade Next Item to move to the next submission.

A. View Instructions – Expand the assignment instructions.

B. Add annotations – From the inline viewer toolbar, select Comment and the annotation tools will expand. Add comments, highlight, draw, etc. Right click an annotation to remove it. Navigate to other pages in a student’s file and download a copy of the file after annotating.

C. Remove or reply to comments – Add comments wherever desired. Select a comment and the Reply and Delete options appear. Use the Reply function to expand on comments.

D. Access additional actions - Point to the bottom of the screen to access functions. Zoom in and out, or navigate to other pages in a student's file.

E. Provide a grade and feedback - In the right panel, grade the submission, provide feedback, attach files and add private notes. Select the Click to open full content editor icon to access the editor. Grades can also be overridden or reverted back.

F. Download the student's file - After selecting Submit, a PDF file with annotations is generated. The time needed to create the PDF depends primarily on the size of the original file. Students are also able to download the assignment with annotations.

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