Blackboard Collaborate (Student)

Unless you have a specific reason to use original Collaborate, we recommend Collaborate Ultra

  • Blackboard Collaborate is a powerful all-in-one platform that offers an immersive human experience through a computer, tablet, or mobile device anywhere, anytime.

  • It is a real-time video conferencing tool that allows adding files, sharing applications, and using a virtual whiteboard to interact.

Getting Started:

It is recommended that Blackboard Collaborate be accessed on a computer that has a webcam, speakers (or better yet, headphones), a microphone and a reliable internet connection.  Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they are the recommended browsers for Blackboard Learn.

Instructors will provide a link to Blackboard Collaborate either within the Course Content, or on the left-hand menu.

Blackboard collaborate highlighted on the left-hand side of the page. It is also being shown under Course Content


When selecting “Join Room” on the Room Details page or a recording link in the Recordings table, Blackboard Collaborate checks to see if the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is installed. The launcher is a utility for Windows and Mac that provides a convenient and reliable way to launch Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions and recordings. If it is not already installed, Blackboard Collaborate will prompt that ot be downloaded.

Once the launcher is installed, selecting a session or recording link triggers the download of a .collab file. The launcher uses this file to run Blackboard Collaborate. (Because the launcher includes the required Java, there is no need to install and maintain the system version of Java.)

Keyboard Navigation in Blackboard Collaborate.

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