Course Copy Missing Files Upload (Faculty)

These instructions will assist with retrieving files that were missed or that did not copy over into the current course.

  • Go to the original course where the content was copied from. Under Control Panel (bottom left-hand corner of the course), click on Content Collection, then click on the course CRN (which should be numbers similar to 12345.201910 but could also be named something different).

course management section

  • In the files location, select the files and/or folders needed or to select all files and folders, click the top check box next to File Type. Then click Download Package to download a zipped folder to the computer. If copied files (i.e. course syllabus) were revised in the current course, do not select it during this step.

download package is highlighted, and the file type box is highlighted

  • Go to the current course, access the Content Collection location and click Upload, then Upload Zip Package.

under the upload dropdown, unload zip package

  • Click Browse and locate the zipped folder on the computer to upload the folder, then click the box. Determine whether to check the box “If selected, the system automatically overwrites the existing file with the same name.” Then click Submit.

in the File information section, "if selected, th e system automaticaly overwrites the existing file with the same name" is highlighted

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