Copy Course Content (Faculty)


  • Performing a course copy will be an addition or addendum to any existing materials in a course; it will not over-write any materials in the course.
  • The person attempting the course copy must be enrolled in both courses as an instructor.
  • If the Attendance tool was used in the source course and you are planning to use it again in the destination course, the Attendance tool must first be configured in the destination course: Control Panel->Course Tools->Attendance->Add. If this step is skipped, the meeting dates listed in the Attendance Dashboard of the source course will copy over.

Copy content material from an existing course into a new course:

Step 1. Go to the existing course that contains all of the content to be copied from.

Step 2. Go to Control Panel on the bottom left-hand corner of the course.

Step 3. Click on Packages and Utilities then click on Course Copy.


Under the Packages and Utilities dropdown, Course Copy is highlighted

Step 4. Select Copy Type

Note: Be sure "Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course" is selected.

Step 5. Select Copy Options

Note: Destination Course ID (CRN) will be the course that the existing content will be copied into.

Step 6. Click on the Browse button and select the appropriate course.

Step 7. Click Select All to select ALL content within existing course to copy into the new course.

Under the Select copy options, an arrow is pointing to browse and Select All is highlighted

Step 8. File Attachments

Step 9. Select this option to copy links and copies of the content over into the new course.

Under the File Attachments section, "Copy links and copies of the content (inclued entire course home folder) is selected and highlighted

Note: Do not select Include Enrollments in the Copy. This will copy all enrollments from the existing course and place them into the new course. (Example – by selecting this option, it will copy all enrollments from the spring course and insert them into the new summer course along with all of the new summer enrollments).

Step 10. Click Submit

Note: A confirmation email will be sent when the process is complete; the new course can then be accessed, with the copied content therein.

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