Login to your Kent State Adobe Creative Cloud account on Adobe applications, mobile apps, and websites

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We have all of our Adobe accounts tied to FlashLine login usernames and passwords now. Due to utilizing your FlashLine login information you need to use a slightly different process to login than you may have used in the past. Please note that these instructions are the same for the Adobe.com websites, the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps, and the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application. These steps assume that you have already opened or browsed to the website or application that you wish to log in to.

  1. On this Sign in window enter your Kent State University email address in the email address field and then click "Continue".
    Sign in page highlighting step 1 to enter an email address and step 2 to click the continue button
  2. You may be prompted to select which type of account you want to sign in with. This screen will only appear if the email address you entered above has both and Adobe.com ID and a Kent State University ID. In this case, select "Company or School Account".
    Select an account screen with Company or School account highlighted
  3. You will be directed to a Kent State login page. Enter your FlashLine username and password and then click the “Sign in” button. You are now signed in with your Kent State Adobe account. If you are logging in to a website you will be directed to the page you were trying to access that required a login or if you are logging in to an application (desktop or mobile) you will directed back to the application.
    Kent State authentication login screen with username and password fields filled in and the submit button highlighted
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