Install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app in order to install applications (Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.) on your Windows computer

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Please note that these instructions assume you do not have the Adobe Creative Cloud installer downloaded already. If you do have the installation application downloaded you may skip to step 9.

  1. To start the download process visit and the download process should automatically start.
    Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app download page
  2. You will be prompted to download "CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe". Browse to a location you can easily access, such as your "Downloads" folder, and click the "Save" button.
    Creative Cloud download prompt
  3. Browse to the location where you saved "CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe" and double-click it to launch it.
    Creative Cloud in the Downloads folder and highlighted
  4. You will be presented with a "User Account Control" window asking for your permission to allow the application to make changes to your computer. In order to proceed with the installation you must allow this application to make changes to your computer. Click the "Yes" button.
    User Account Control Windows Security prompt with the Yes button highlighted
  5. Adobe requires that you login to install the Creative Cloud desktop app. Click the "Sign In" button to start the login process.
    Adobe Creative Cloud app download page with Sign In button highlighted
  6. On this Sign in window enter your Kent State University email address in the email address field and then click "Continue".
    Sign in page highlighting step 1 to enter an email address and step 2 to click the continue button
  7. You may be prompted to select which type of account you want to sign in with. This screen will only appear if the email address you entered above has both and ID and a Kent State University ID. In this case, select "Company or School Account".
    Select an account screen with Company or School account highlighted
  8. You will be directed to a Kent State login page. Enter your FlashLine username and password and then click the “Sign in” button.
    Kent State authentication login screen with username and password fields filled in and the submit button highlighted
  9. After signing in, you will now be able to start the installation process for the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app. Click the "Start Installing" button.
    Install Creative Cloud Desktop App usage screen with Start Installing highlighted
  10. The installation process will now proceed. You will see an installation completion percentage tracker at the top of the screen and an estimated time for installation completion. Expect this installation process to take at least two minutes, but it could be longer depending on your internet connection speed.
    Adobe Creative Cloud Installer window with progress bar
  11. After the installation completes, the Creative Cloud desktop app will load on the "All apps" tab. You may now start installing applications from the Creative Cloud suite by clicking the "Install" button next to the desired application. The desktop app will now download and install the application you selected to install. You will be provided with a percentage of completion and status while the download and installation occurs. Once the application installs the "Install" button will now be named "Open" and can be used to launch the application.
    Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app with applications listed and Install buttons available for the applications

Please refer to to view information on installing applications and using other features associated with your account.

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