Sync Process to Resolve Missing Courses or Students in Blackboard (Faculty)

If a course is not listed in Learn, make sure it is not set to Hidden in the course list (see instructions below).

Checking for Hidden Courses

From the My Institution tab, place the cursor over your course list and click on the gear icon that appears (Manage Course List Module Setting).

Image of my courses section and the gear icon is highlighted

On the “Personalize: My Courses” page, if the missing course is listed but the boxes are unchecked under Edit Course List, click on the boxes for Course Name and Course ID for each course to make them visible.

Click Submit. The course names selected should now be visible.


If the course still does not show, or if the roster in Blackboard Learn does not match the roster in FlashLine, perform a synchronization:

  • Within FlashLine, click on Settings

  • Scroll down to find “Missing Courses in Learn?” Click Synchronize Account.

  • It should take approximately 60 seconds to process the sync.