When I am launching AppXtender from a Banner form multiple times to look up various records, the previous record is still showing when I have typed in a new Banner ID – even after I have closed out the AppXtender tab

If when launching from a Banner form into AppXtender multiple times while looking up various records and the previous record keeps getting loaded as the result, it is because your browser session is getting stuck in your browser’s cache memory. You will need to adjust your browser settings to clear your cache upon exit.

To tune your Chrome browser, please do the following:

  1. In Chrome, click the ‘More’ icon and click on “More tools” > “Clear browsing data…” :

  1. Select “All time” and click the “Clear data” button:



  1. Type in “cache” in the Search bar > Select ‘Clear browsing data’ > Click the ‘Clear data’ button

  1. Type in “cookies” in the search bar, then click on ‘Site settings’:

  1. Under ‘Cookies and site data’, click on ‘Cookies’:

  1. Under ‘Cookies’, if these are settings are not already enabled or added, then please do the following:
    1. Enable ‘Keep local data only until you quit your browser’
    2. ‘Clear on exit’ – click the “Add” button, and type in “kent.edu”


  1. Close out all Chrome browser sessions, and then open a fresh browser session for changes to take effect.

NOTE: You may need to close out the tab that opens for AppXtender when you are done looking at that student’s record before going back to the Banner form to Retrieve a new student record.

If you should need assistance in tuning your browser, please open a Helpdesk ticket to contact your local desktop support.

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