When trying to run a saved query in AppXtender, I get an error message: “An unexpected error occurred. Details: cannot find the save query with name NAME OF QUERY.”

When you are trying to use a saved query in AppXtender and get an error message: "An unexpected error occurred. Details: Cannot find the saved query with name NAME OF QUERY."

image of error message


It is because the saved query that you are trying to use does not exist in this instance (meaning in development or production). It was either accidentally deleted or was never created in that instance.

Please open a support ticket for assistance:

  1. Go to www.kent.edu/it
  2. Click on "Support Requests"
  3. Click on "Enterprise Applications"
  4. Click on "Submit a Ticket for Assistance with Enterprise Applications"
  5. Click on "Submit a Ticket"
  6. Fill out your information, then under "What do you need help with?", select "Banner Document Imaging (Xtender)"
  7. Please put in the application name (such as ‘B-F-DOCS-KENT’) and the error message for which you need assistance under the "Description" section
  8. Please attach a screenshot to fully describe the error; so please do that under "Attachment"
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Wed 6/12/19 1:31 PM