Kaltura Express Capture


Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software.

NOTE: This is currently not compatible with Safari or Edge.

NOTE: Please keep recordings brief, only about 5 minutes or less. This service requires a strong internet connection. Any interruption in connectivity may cause the recording not to save.

To create media using your Webcam Recorder and/or Microphone

Step 1. Log in to video.kent.edu

Step 2. Click on Add New

Step 3. Click on Express Capture

Image showing to click on Express Capture

Step 4. Allow video.kent.edu to use your microphone and camera.

**The default settings are to use your PC's webcam and audio device. To change the camera or audio settings:

  • Click the Settings icon (gear icon in the upper right) to select the source camera (if you have multiple cameras) or audio device (if you have multiple audio devices) and to turn the camera/audio on/off. The recording screen will be black until the camera is allowed.

Step 5. The Record Media page is displayed.

Image showing audio only option

The audio indicator is displayed while you are recording audio only. Toggle the audio off if you want to create a visual only recording. NOTE: Both the camera and audio may not be turned off at the same time.

Step 6. Click the red Record button to begin your recording. A 3-second countdown window is displayed.

Step 7. Start Recording.

Step 8. Click the Stop button to end your recording.

The following window is displayed.