When I try to log into AppXtender, I get the “Invalid user name or password” error message

If you tried to log into AppXtender, but you got the error message: “Invalid user name or password"

image of error message


It could be a couple of issues: you may not have an AppXtender account and will need one requested on your behalf or if you know that you have an AppXtender account, then you may need to have your password reset. (You may have recently changed your FlashLine password or your password may just need resynced in AppXtender.)


If you need access, then please have your departmental data steward fill out a Request Banner Document Imaging Access request form on your behalf. NOTE: Only one access role should be requested per application. The read-print role is just as it states; however, the scanning role does have read-print built into it, as well – so no need to request both the read-print role and the scanning role.

If you need your password reset, then please open a support ticket for assistance and state in the ticket that you need to have your password reset:

  1. Go to www.kent.edu/it
  2. Click on "Support Requests"
  3. Click on "Enterprise Applications"
  4. Click on "Submit a Ticket for Assistance with Enterprise Applications"
  5. Click on "Submit a Ticket"
  6. Fill out your information, then under "What do you need help with?", select "Banner Document Imaging (Xtender)
  7. Please put in the application name (such as ‘B-F-DOCS-KENT’) and any pertinent information (such as batch name) or any error message for which you need assistance under the "Description" section
  8. It's always very helpful to attach a screenshot to fully describe the error; so please do that under "Attachment"


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