Flash Books Information and Troubleshooting

Flash Books is a collaboration between Kent State University, the University Bookstores and publishers to deliver affordable course materials.  The required course materials are accessed by students through Blackboard Learn without access codes.  The University Bookstore facilitates faculty enrollment and negotiates preferred pricing. The costs for the course materials are reflected on the student account.

Students will gain access to course materials through Blackboard by the first day of classes. The anticipated savings are expected to be between 30-70% per course. The ability to opt out, while not encouraged, is available through Blackboard by clicking on the Flash Books link in the left navigation area. If you do not want to take advantage of the lowest cost for these required materials, you will have the opportunity to opt out. You will then be responsible for procuring the required materials and access codes on your own.  The functionality to opt out will be available until the date that is the end of 100% tuition refund period for the class.

If you have any questions concerning the Flash Books program, please contact the One Stop for Student Services at 330-672-6000 or email flashbooks@kent.edu.

If you are having difficulty accessing your Flash Books content, the following Barnes and Noble help articles may assist you: https://customercare.bncollege.com/hc/en-us/sections/360000300708-Troubleshooting 

If you are still experiencing issues with accessing your content, please contact the bookstore at 330-672-2762 or email Flash Books at flashbooks@kent.edu

Student FAQ's can be located at https://www.kent.edu/studentaffairs/flashbooks/student-faq

Faculty FAQ's can be located at https://www.kent.edu/studentaffairs/flashbooks/faculty-faq

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