Adding a Direct Link to a Kaltura Video in Blackboard

To add a direct link to a video in Blackboard Learn, please do the following:

  1. Go to the media area in Kaltura that houses the video you wish to link to.
  2. Click on the video.
  3. On the video page, click on the Actions menu.  Please make certain the radio button is selecting Unlisted; if not, please select it and click Save.
  4. On the same screen, click the tab that shows Share.  The link is highlighted, either Ctrl+C or right-click to copy.
  5. Access the Blackboard Learn course. On the same page where videos are currently housed, click the Build Content menu and choose Weblink.  
  6. Give the link a name. In the URL field, paste the link from the Kaltura site. You can add text or description if you choose. Click Submit.
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