Adding Users to Blackboard Courses

Please note: Do not add Kent State students to your course giving them the Role of “Student” without them being formally enrolled in your course.

Under the Course Management menu, select Users and Groups, then Users.

image showing users and groups and users

Now choose Find Users to Enroll:

image showing find users to enroll

On the next screen you will enter the userID in the field Username (the information before the

**Very important, do not click Browse**

image showing do not click browse

Select the appropriate Role.

To add a student as a Guest role or Teaching/Graduate Assistant role:

If you want to make them a guest, click the dropdown menu under Role and select Guest. If you want to make them a Graduate Assistant, select Teaching Assistant. Once the role is selected, click Submit. **Please note: Teaching Assistants can see the grade center and all student activity**

image showing how to select the role

If the students, visiting scholars or other folks are being added as Guests in your course, you will need to make certain Guests are enabled in your course. Please do the following to ensure guests are enabled in your course:

Under the Course Management menu, select Customization; then Guest and Observer Access

image showing customization and guest and observer access

Make certain “Yes” is selected to Allow Guests Access into the course. Please note: This is only needed when adding students or others as guests; this does not apply to adding a Teaching/Graduate Assistant.

If you have followed these steps verbatim and receive an error about permissions, this could be due to the user being blocked at the system end. This happens at times due to courses added and dropped or other Banner/Learn anomalies. If you receive the error, please open a ticket at, explaining in detail the nature of your request.

To request a guest account for a non-Kent State student/contractor, click here.


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