GlobalProtect Login

Connect to GlobalProtect

Both MacOS and Windows GlobalProtect software use the same icons and prompts to log in. 

  1. In the system trey find GlobalProtect and click on it  
  2. Please note if the icon is not visible you will need to click on the ^
  3. Tip: You can drag the icon next to the visible icons to keep it in view all the time 
    1. If this is your first time connecting, enter in the portal address text box.
  4. The connect prompt should appear, click on
  5. The prompt will disappear, and the icon will change to
  6. A Kent State University authentication page should pop up
  7. Enter your Kent State email address and click Next
  8. Enter your password and click Sign in
  9. Depending on the method of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) you set up you should be prompted to provide or approve:
    1. If you are having trouble with your default MFA method click here for instructions to sign in another way.

Push notification via App

Code generated in App

Text or call

  1. After you approve or enter a code and click Verify the page should close
  2. After a few seconds the VPN should be connected, the icon should change to

Disconnecting from GlobalProtect

To disconnect from GlobalProtect do the following:

  1. Click on the GlobalProtect icon
  2. In the new window click
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