GlobalProtect Troubleshooting

What to do if you have issues, with GlobalProtect:

If you experience issues with GlobalProtect please contact the HelpDesk. If needed they will reach out to Security and Access Management for further assistance. This includes issues with logging into GlobalProtect, MFA, and if you are having issues reaching resources through the VPN.

Answers to common questions:

Q: I am unable to connect despite entering my username and password and completing MFA.

A: Restart the service and/or restart your computer.

Windows 10 and above:

  1. Right click on the task bar
  2. Select Task Manager
  3. In task Manager click on More Details (lower left corner of the window)
  4. Click on the tab labeled Services
  5. Find the service PanGPS, right click on it and select restart


  1. Restart computer.

Q: I left my phone at home and need to log into the VPN, what should I do?

A: Contact the HelpDesk and let them know. They can set you up for a 1-day bypass for MFA

Q: I lost my phone

A: If you lost your phone and do not have a replacement phone contact the HelpDesk, they can set you up to bypass MFA for a day or two until you get your phone.

Q: My phone was stolen.

A: A stolen device is a little more complicated. Here are a few things you should do:

  1. Use the find my phone to make sure you did not just lose it
  2. Contact your carrier and let them know. Also ask for the following info:
    1. Serial number of phone (they may or may not have this)
    2. They might be able to provide a location or area that the phone was last seen in
    3. Confirm that they disconnect the device
  3. Report the theft to the police, make sure to provide the following:
    1. Serial number of the device
    2. If you have a rough idea where the device last checked in provide that information
  4. Remotely lock and wipe your phone
  5. Change your Flashline password to prevent access to your account from your phone
  6. If you use mobile banking applications notify your bank(s)
  7. Contact the HelpDesk and let them know so they can put you in a 1-day bypass
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